Mixed Reality

Finger Food is a world-class technology company that designs and develops immersive connected experiences in the areas of Mobile, MR/AR/VR, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Entertainment.

We combine our creativity, software, and hardware skills to create solutions for whatever can be imagined. We have a track record of success in entertainment, healthcare, education, and financial services, but we don’t let this narrow our focus on potential markets. Regardless of your industry, together we can make your strategy a deeply impactful reality. And above all else, we ship.

Our Capabilities

We love every part of the process. From pure concept-development whiteboard sessions to final delivery, our skills have you covered from end to end.


Engagement begins here. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in the world to help identify ways that technology can be leveraged to improve or completely disrupt their existing workflows. These solutions have resulted in huge productivity improvements and real-world ROI.

UX/UI Design

We have experience solving immensely complex problems in the realms of Mobile, Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, IoT, Cloud and Entertainment. We are experts at crafting connected experiences people love.


With over 85 developers, our roster includes exceptional talent that has shipped over 150 products since 2009. Areas of expertise include iOS, Android, Unity, web and cloud.

Project Management & QA

We have highly skilled and experienced certified Project Managers and QA resources on every project. This guarantees that we ship top-tier products every time.

A New Reality

We specialize in creating immersive spatial experiences for Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps.

Our unique hands-on experience working with the most innovative MR, AR and VR tools and platforms has given us expertise in addressing technical challenges such as: UX design for shared experiences, rendering optimization to achieve full FOV @ 60 FPS, alignment of superimposed images, and mass data processing and visualization. Many of the restrictions encountered are similar to those of other mobile platforms, problems we built our company around finding creative solutions to.

The expertise we have developed, coupled with our deep experience in the game industry, has prepared us to unleash a team of MR/AR/VR experts on the world. Regardless of your industry, we will help you discover groundbreaking ways that Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will profoundly impact your business.

Our MR/AR/VR services include:

Envisioning workshops to identify how Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can transform your business.

Proof-of-concept design and development to help prove the business cases that are driving your MR, AR and VR projects.

Large-scale platform development to make your MR, AR and VR projects a reality.

We are actively working with Microsoft HoloLens, Google’s Project Tango, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Unity, Unreal Engine and MaxPlay.

Of Things

IoT Design Shop, our Internet of Things Innovation Centre, is a strike team made up of industrial designers, software developers and hardware engineers who are constantly pushing technical boundaries to help our clients leapfrog their competition. The team has developed a number of products in Smart Health, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Wearables, Connected Play, and Building and Home Automation.

Our M.O. when developing software, hardware, and physical things is to iterate early and often so our clients only have to fabricate once. Our arsenal of machines, which comprises 3D printers, a CNC mill, and a benchtop injection moulder, enables this. We have also partnered with the world’s most innovative Internet-of-Things companies in the technology and telco industries.
These are visionary groups whose missions to create and enable revolutionary technology align with our own. We leverage these relationships to provide our clients with exceptional value and deliver products to them that are ripe to disrupt their respective markets.

Our IoT services include:

Envisioning workshops to flesh out your product idea and identify target technologies to make it happen.

Rapid prototyping of apps, electronics and physical objects to quickly get products in the hands of your investors and customers.

Product design and development once you’ve tested your product and are ready to take it to market.

Management of low-volume production of plastics and electronics for volumes up to 10,000 units.

Support and handoff for mass manufacturing when you’re ready for the big time.

The products we develop often leverage one or more of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Smart Ready, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee, Sub-1GHz, NFC, WiFi, 3G and 4G.

Engaging Entertainment

Entertainment is part of our DNA at Finger Food Studios.

We have a long and storied past shipping products such as companion apps for some of the world’s biggest titles like Call of Duty to video-streaming apps for professional sports league like the NFL and UFC. Whatever the case, we draw on deep domain knowledge and experience to create products that audiences, be them made up of gamers or fans, love.

Our entertainment services include:

Envisioning workshops to identify how to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Proof-of-concept design and development to get early user feedback to incorporate into your final product.

Large-scale platform development to take your product to market.

We are accredited Xbox and Playstation developers and work with all major game engines including Unity, Unreal, MaxPlay and Havoc.


Our cloud team has years of experience collaborating with our clients and partners to architect and develop enterprise-scale cloud systems.

This includes everything from integrating with legacy enterprise systems to building new ones from the ground up and connecting them with custom analytics and reporting. We prioritize scalability, security, and availability to provide end users with optimal experiences.

Our cloud services include:

Enterprise cloud deployment architecture including CI/CD and load balancing to make sure that your system is available and that it scales with demand.

Web services and API design, development and integration to get data to and from your apps, devices and the cloud.

Relational database development to enable real-time cloud-powered systems.

We work with leading edge cloud computing services including AWS, Azure, MongoDB, Dynamo and Bamboo.