We are a diverse team of passionate innovators and adaptable problem solvers, actively investing in and harnessing emerging technologies to deliver outstanding solutions.

Who We Are

We are elite, intrepid, adaptable problem solvers.

As a company, we took our first breaths at the start of the smartphone revolution. We saw then what we see now – the opportunity to use technology to improve the way people work, play, and interact with the world.

Our team includes designers, artists, software developers, mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, business professionals, and quality assurance testers.

Founded in 2009, Finger Food is led by CEO Ryan Peterson in the beautiful Tri-Cities area of BC. From mobile apps and video games to wearable technologies, blockchain, IoT, and robotics, we continue to learn, grow, and adapt to changing technologies.

We work across platforms to provide innovative, industry-first solutions for global companies. We have a passion for building partnerships with our clients, and we have a reputation for outstanding delivery.

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Ryan Peterson
CEO + Co-Founder
Chris Waind
Chief Creative Officer
Jordan Hesse
VP, Engineering
Shaun Derman
VP, Engineering
Graham Cunliffe
SVP, Business Affairs and Operations
Cindy Zhan
Director of Finance
Desmond Lee
General Manager - Holodeck
Tyler Mervyn
VP, Games and Entertainment
Tom Munro
General Manager - Enterprise
Harj Sangha
Director, People & Culture
Nick Facey
Director of Strategic Partnerships + Innovation
Dave Gordon
Lead, Industrial Integration

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