Trent Shumay

Trent Shumay

CTO + Co-Founder
Trent Shumay Headshot Trent Shumay

Trent Shumay founded Finger Food in 2009 with the idea of creating connected experiences for mobile apps. An expert iOS, Android, and Web developer, he’s the go to guy for all things geek.

In 2014, Trent launched the IoT Design Shop, an internal startup at Finger Food, and is heavily invested in developing new technology for the Internet of Things.

Under Trent’s skilled technical leadership, Finger Food has shipped over 150 products and become cross-platform experts, pioneering new technology and industry-transforming applications for companies around the globe.

Finger Food is a world-class technology company that designs and develops immersive Mobile, MR/AR/VR, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Entertainment products.

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