What We Do

Finger Food delivers technology-driven business solutions to enable companies like yours to think and work differently.

Founded with engineering at its core, Finger Food encompasses design, development, project management, hardware solutions, and QA to deliver world-class projects on a variety of platforms and devices.

We become your innovation lab, creatively tackling complex industry challenges to drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and manage risk.  We can help you see data and processes differently, revolutionize your product, or change your business model.

The Finger Food Approach

Blockchain, AI, and the Future of Data

As leaders in emerging technology, we actively invest in technology and systems that are changing our world now.

Bold, adaptable problem solvers, we work with our partners to deliver success and create solutions that empower business for the future.

Our developers have extensive knowledge and experience creating and implementing complex applications for a variety of industries.

We can develop applications for blockchain ledgers and cryptocurrency, and AI-enabled IOT devices implementing trusted blockchain communication.

Whether it’s supply-chain management, data visualization, or trusted IoT communications, we build solutions utilizing the latest in emerging and blockchain technologies.

Delivering a New Reality

We create and deliver highly effective industry solutions combining Mixed, Virtual, and Augmented Reality with IoT and AI

Finger Food was the first company in North America to design, develop, and implement Mixed Reality solutions into an industrial workflow – all with an in-house team.

We create integrated holographic solutions for Industry 4.0, enabling you to tackle projects and processes in new ways - including implementing Digital Twin solutions that improve ROI and revenue growth for your business. Our work converges holographic technology with IoT and AI to improve efficiency, innovation, and bring huge time-savings to your business.

We partner with global clients to provide tailored solutions across multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, medical, insurance, education, entertainment, trucking and automotive design.

Finger Food’s hands-on experience working with the major Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platforms including HoloLens allows us to overcome technical challenges.

Regardless of your industry, we’ll help you discover groundbreaking ways to positively impact your business.

Finger Food Mixed Augmented Virtual Reality
Finger Food actively innovates with:

Harnessing Hardware That Thinks

The IoT Design Shop is a strike team of industrial designers, hardware engineers, and software developers.

By constantly pushing hardware and software boundaries, we’ve helped our clients leap-frog their competition in a variety of industries, including smart health, agriculture, urban infrastructure, wearable tech, connected play, and home automation.

Our arsenal of machines, including a bank of 3D printers, a CNC mill, laser cutters, injection moulders, and electrical fabrication studio enable us to quickly develop solutions and solve challenges - efficiently moving product from concept to reality.

We create apps, electronics, and physical objects to propel your business and to get your products into the hands of your investors and customers. We manage production of plastics and electronics, and when you’re ready for mass manufacturing, we’re there with you every step of the way.

We also partner with the world’s most influential IoT and manufacturing companies within the technology and telco industries to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

Internet of Things

"The ability to design, engineer, fabricate, and test hardware in-house gives us a distinct advantage in every market we work in."

Trent Shumay
CTO & Co-Founder, Finger Food Studios

Working Across Platforms

At Finger Food, we move from prototype to platform, from server to device, and from software to hardware at a rapid pace.

Our multidisciplinary team works across multiple platforms to deliver world-class solutions for everything from video game and mobile apps, to beacon deployment, tracking platforms, and robotics solutions.

All of our design, development and delivery teams work in-house as one complete team. Your project will have its own dedicated team for maximum communication, efficiency, and results.

Our engineering team of over 70 staff has expertise in C++, C#, Java, Unity, HTML 5, Node, Unreal Engine, iOS, Android and more.

Every Finger Food engineer has a deep understanding of how hardware and software interact, and our QA testers ensure all software and products are of the highest standard.

Connected Devices
We have developed for:

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